Rules of Real Estate Investing

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our strategy

Cash Flow

Unused money is dead money. At PCG we invigorate stagnant capital through dividend paying, multifamily investment vehicles.


PCG secures long-term financing, providing maximum flexibility for profits and a strategic, timely exit.


PCG provides security for investors with three, core practices:

  1. Discipline. We do NOT overleverage.

  2. Alignment of interest. Each and every investment is backed by our capital.

  3. Cash reserves. PCG is equipped for sustainability.


Multifamily housing investments are unique in terms of returns. They have the ability to provide ongoing cash flow for the life of the project while simultaneously paying down principal, and growing in value. At PCG cash flow is king. If it doesn’t pay…we don’t play.

Many of our target markets have high barriers to entry for new construction, ensuring continued demand and rent premiums.

Our primary focus is on turnkey and value-add communities, achieving growth through revenue increases, expense mitigation, improvements, and scale.


The Process

  1. We raise money from accredited investors.

  2. We purchase current, income-producing real estate.

  3. We make monthly distributions to our investors.

  4. PCG exits the asset, maximizing returns for investors.