Top Ten Investor Questions

+ Does PCG invest in each deal?

Yes. PCG believes in the investments we make, and 100% alignment of interest. PCG only puts investor money where we put our own money.

+ Are investors financially liable?

No. Investors are limited partners in the LLC, earning passive income, removed from the financial liability and responsibilites of the general partners.

+ Is this investment a fund or an individual asset?

Each investment will be for an individual asset. Before closing on a property, committed investors will have the opportunity to review the offering and choose whether or not to invest.

+ How do taxes work?

PCG will provide investors with a K-1. Monthly dividends are generally tax deferred as depreciation will likely exceed payouts. Real estate tax structures are one of the most investor-friendly, however we cannot advise on matters of accounting. Please consult your CPA for specifics.

+ How often are distributions made?

Once an asset is secured and stabilized per the agreement of the PPM, annualized dividends will be distributed monthly.

+ Why apartments?

Research shows modern society heavily in favor of renting vs buying. Home prices are beyond the reach of many working professionals and millennials. An aging baby boomer population is transitioning from ownership to the rental market. This and more data strongly points toward long-term demand for affordable rental communities.

+ How long is my money tied up?

PCG plans to hold assets between two and ten years, although shorter and longer hold periods are possible. All exit decisions will be based upon the investors best interest in regards to returns.

+ Do I have to be accredited?

Yes. PCG offerings are limited to accredited investors. An accredited investor has an annual income of $200,000 (single) or $300,000 (combined) for the previous two years, and be projected to do so the following year. If income criteria are not met, you must have a net worth of $1,000,000 excluding the value of your personal residence.

+ How often will I be informed on the status of my investment?

Monthly, quarterly, and annually.

-Investors will receive monthly newsletters informing them of the status of their investment and the project they're involved in.

-Quarterly financial statements are also sent to active investors.

-Finally, PCG supplies an annual report to cover the full gamut of financials and activities pertaining to your investment.

In addition to a regular and thorough reporting system, we are available via email and phone to address questions or concerns. At PCG, superb communication is paramount.

+ If I want to invest, what is the next step?

If you would like to invest, please reach out to PCG with your contact information and desired investment amount. From there we will schedule a phone call to discuss your investment goals and put you into our "Yes" database. You will then be contacted upon the next investment opportunity.

Please visit our “Contact Us” page to inquire.


If you are accredited and would like to learn more about investing with Parham Capital Group, please click the link below.