Founder & CEO

Landon W. Parham is the Founder and CEO of Parham Capital Group, a private equity, real estate investment firm focused on dividend-paying, multifamily assets. He brings over a decade of commercial property management, construction, and development experience, along with a team of industry-leading professionals and seasoned investors. In addition to real estate, Landon operated an ecommerce company from 2006 - 2016 with first-of-its-kind distributions in all 50 states and Canada, sponsors an ongoing philanthropic effort for children in Africa, and is a bestselling author with Top 25 placements on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

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Board of Advisors

Danny M. Myers is the founder and operator of Myers Pest Services, a Top 100 industry business, and sold as the 63rd largest pest company in the USA as of 2012. His experience led him to a partnership at VM Products, a pest-solutions manufacturing company with current sales and distributions in 38 countries. Danny’s real estate career began as the pest control company grew, creating a need for new office space. Blue Quail Property Management was born, expanding its holdings from single-suite commercial space and industrial, to land development and office park construction.

Support TEam

+ Mortgage Banking

With access to a wide range of mortgage banking solutions, our provider's ability to assist in matters of lending for the multifamily sector is unparalled. From sourcing top lenders and securing the most competitive rates, to negotiating customized terms and favorable options, our brokerage team is 100% geared toward providing investors with the highest returns and most security.

+ Property Management

Denstock Management LLC. With over 1,000 units under management, and another 732 units in various stages of development, Denstock is uniquely positioned to implement and manage the business plan set forth by PCG. In addition to Denstock's deep knowledge of multifamily real estate, their valued assistance in market analytics and due diligence is paramount to securing the best assets and benefits for our investors.

+ Accounting & Distributions

RFC Accounting. Well-versed in the nuances of multifamily accounting, RFC handles PCG's bookkeeping, distributes monthly dividends, prepares financial reports, supplies K-1 forms to investors, and consults on all matters of finance. In this way Parham Capital is able to pursue its primary focus: building a portfolio of cash flow-positive real estate.

Lenhart Pettit Attorneys at Law. With a stellar reputation and tenured attorneys in the Central Virginia area, Lenhart Pettit provides invaluable assistance from SEC compliance and acquisitions, to entity formation and consulting.